Linking Santa Comba, in Beira Alta region, to Viseu, in the Central region, this is a 49.300km of extension railway track that got converted into a public bike road in 2007. The Ecopista do Dão project involved building a bicycle path recreating the train lane but also rebuilding the old stations and along the way. Read more →

The Azores led the World’s Top 10 Sustainable Destinations as the Best of the Atlantic.  The award was given recently at ITB Berlin. The Azores and the Oeste Region (as best of Europe) were selected to the top ten from 100 sustainable destinations.  An international jury picked 32 finalists before naming two regions in Portugal to the World’s Top 10 Sustainable Destinations 2018 list. Read more →

Reader's Digest nominated Tomar as one of the best off-radar destinations for those looking for unusual escaped. In the Portuguese central region, Tomar actually preserves part of the nations History. The Convent of Christ served as the Knights Templar headquarters for centuries and the historical sights downtown recover architecture from the Renaissance and the Manoelin period. Read more →

June 10 is Portugal’s National Day. And while most national days mark a great accomplishment or success – Think the French Revolution and the signing of the Declaration of Independence– June 10 Celebrates the darkest day in Portuguese history. This is the story of why Portugal celebrates its worst day, ever…. Read more →

Dotting the hillsides, particularly in coastal regions, are windmills that have been used in the country since the 11th century. Most have a cylindrical shape with a conical roof, are painted white, and have canvas sails. New investment program have allowed many water, oil, and wind mills to be transformed into unique escapes in the interior and coastal areas of Portugal. Read more →

The Azores are an easy flight from New England this summer with 12 weekly flights from Boston’s Logan Airport and Providence’s Green Airport. Azores Airlines is offering multiple non-stops to the Azores, and beyond  to other great destinations with one-stop service to Lisbon, Madeira, Porto, the Canaries and Cape Verde. Read more →

In the summertime the Portuguese beach sellers spread the word on the send while carrying their bags full of treats: bolas de berlim, línguas da sogra and bolacha americana. It's a Portuguese habit to have the creamy berliners by the sun and to call the vanilla rolls "língua da sogra" as for Mother in law tongues Read more →