Visitors to Portugal certainly have the country’s “grand” restaurants to consider, in addition to excellent seafood and meat restaurants, as well as dozens of “hot” eateries with cuisines hailing from Hong Kong to Hamburg to Hoboken. But no visitor should pass up lunch or dinner at one of Portugal’s hundreds and thousands of small restaurants that serve some of the most delicious and comforting food on earth. Read more →

Imagine a university founded in the 13th century, built in a former royal palace, and with one of the most ornate libraries in the world. Imagine a Romanesque Cathedral, fortified against a long gone enemy… Imagine students in flowing black capes singing a unique ballad only practiced in this city. Imagine a Roman underground, untouched for 2,000 years and ready to explore. Add to that a vibrant downtown, imagining views, and a sweeping river. Oxford? Cambridge? Salamanca? No, we are talking about Coimbra - Portugal’s former 2nd capital, and a destination all in its own. Read more →

Chaves, in the North of Portugal, has always been know for its thermal waters, especially during the Roman Empire. And, when the city planned an underground garage it got a real surprise - Roman baths buried in a landslide some 1,700 years ago. Excavation are being done, with a museum projected to open in 2018. Read more →